I am a toy nerd and my children have more toys than sense to prove it!  I’m so excited about this newly released game Don’t Let the Bugs Fall!  Its Jenga for a preschooler. I bought it today on sale at Lakeshore Learning for $9.95. I’ve also seen it in the One Step Ahead catalog and a few others.  I don’t know it I will be able to resist opening it up before Christmas!  Keep reading for all the ways you can play!

The general play set up for this game is for 2-4 players to take turns rolling the dice.  They pull the color of bug that shows up on the dice.  Then they stack the bug on top to begin a new row.  The goal: Don’t Let the Bugs Fall!

Alternative uses for this game (these are uses thought up of by me and to my knowledge not in the instructions or other marketed material for this game):

Sort the bugs by color.

Use as counting manipulatives. For beginners just count them. To be more advanced use them as manipulatives for basic addition and subtraction. Count the eyes by twos.

Make patterns. Green, red, blue, green, red, what comes next? A little more difficult is Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Green, What comes next. Even more difficult is Red, Red, Blue, Green, Red, Red, What comes next?

Building Blocks. How else can you stack them? How many can you stack this way before they fall? Can you make a house? A car?

Assign each color a theme. When playing the game ask questions to go with each color. For example, Red = A food I like, Green = Something that makes me happy, Blue = An activity I want to do soon.  Playing this way can add some good conversation and clue you in on what’s going on in your preschooler’s brain. It’s great for a child who can be resistant to just sit down and chat!

Can you think of another way to play?  Play the game the usual way then wrap it up with one of these alternative uses for added toy value!

There are several benchmarks I like to set for toys. See my post about toy benchmarks to see how this toy stacks up!


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  1. Amanda says:

    Just took a look at our box and the game is called Bugs Building! Online this game is marketed a lot as Don’t Let the Bugs Fall! I have also heard it has been marketed as Bugged Out!

    If you are in the Indianapolis area pop in to My Toy Garden in Carmel, IN to find this game!

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